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Africa House

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Monday–Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
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About Us

We are an organisation that supports the marginalized through strategic partnerships with various communities in Zimbabwe and abroad 
We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilled life with big dreams and opportunities to make them come true. With our actions, we aim to contribute to a world with less poverty and as well as access to education and health support for all
We are a humanitarian and development organization that endeavors to reach out and support vulnerable persons for positive human development through development work and aid.
We offer psychosocial support, life skills and livelihood skills to orphans and other vulnerable children
Fungai Mettler- Founder/ Director
Lukas Mettler- Founder/Director
Chengetai Mukuku- Head of Finance and Accounting
Cornelius Nyereyemhuka- Director/Nook Manager
Savvannah Shannon Smith-Project Support